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Looking for family-friendly Comedy Entertainment for your Dive Show venue?


is perfect for
Waterfront Venues, Dive Show Venues and Aquatic Animal Venues.

If your venue is Dry Dock,


simulates that Seaside feel
with Special Splash Effects.

Quality Comedy Pirate Entertainment with or
without a pool!

ShenaniGuns Comedy Shows Inc

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A Looney Lampoon of Buccaneer Buffoonery!

Click here to watch SwashChucklers video! SwashChucklers Logo

Action-Packed Comedy Entertainment with a Splash!

Go sailing on a Comedy Treasure Cruise with these Silly Sea Dogs

as they search for the map to the long-lost Cursed Treasure o'the Spanish Main!

When Dread Pirate Black Jack Blownaparte catches wind of the Scuttlebutt

the Blundering Buccaneers must Swash and Chuckle to protect their Golden Booty!

Fast-Paced, Family-Friendly, Truly Funny Comedy Pirate Entertainment!

Contact us for pricing, availability and video.

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ShenaniGuns Comedy Shows, Inc.

P.O. Box 121207

Arlington, TX 76012